Horse ownership may change over time as owners buy and sell shares. It is very important to record changes in horse ownership in Ardex promptly and accurately so that ongoing charges for a horse, such as agistment and training, are always charged to the right people. Changes in horse ownership are recorded through Main then in Horses open the Horse Information Window and select the Owners tab.

Single click on the owner who is selling their share and click the Sell Share button at the right.

The Transfer all of this share to another owner option simply transfers the full horse share to a new person. Enter the new owner and date of sale, note that the “Bought Date” for the share will be recorded as the day after the “Sold Date” to avoid more than 100% ownership being recorded on one day.

The option This share is to be split to multiple owners allows for a horse share to be allocated to multiple buyers. Click the Add a new owner button to add buyers and specify the share allocation to each buyer. You must continue until the share percentage being sold is equal to the share percentage currently assigned to buyers. However, if you enter the seller as one of the buyers you can specify that they are keeping some part of the horse share. In this case the seller C Manning is keeping 10% of the original 50% share.

The option to sell Some of this share to another owner will allow part sale of a horse share, in this example C Manning is keeping half of his original 50% share and selling the other half to R Parker so they end up with 25% each. Once again the Bought Date will be the day after the Date of Sale, in this case 1 April

The option Sell this share, but I don’t have another owner to assign it to yet should not be used if there is any other alternative. The owner selling his or her share will no longer be charged for horse transactions recorded against the horse, but as no new ownership information has been recorded the transactions will be held on record for the horse until ownership is re-established at some future date.

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