For as long as a horse is under your care, there is potential for transactions to be charged to the horse. Agistment charges, farrier charges, training fees and so on. Therefore horse ownership should be fully allocated from at least the date of horse arrival wherever possible. You can arrive a horse in Ardex without owner details, but any transactions charged to the horse will not be charged on to owners until owner details have been correctly entered.

Before allocating horse ownership, make sure that all relevant owner details have been entered to the Ardex owners database. Select Main at the bottom left then select “Horses” and the view by option should default to “All Horses” which will show you all horses recorded in Ardex. For instructions on entering a new horse to Ardex see our Setting Up Horses support note. Double click on a horse name to bring up the Horse Information window.

On the left side of the horse information window click the Owners tab to display horse ownership information. Ticking the “show old owners” box at the bottom left will display a history of horse share ownership. You can see in this example that Aardvark was 100% owned by M Lattimer until 10 August 2009, then from 11 August 2009 the horse was owned 50/50 by G Friend and C Manning.

Note that in Ardex horse ownership should not be more than 100% on any day, therefore the date of sale of horse shares will always be one day earlier than the date of purchase (bought date). If the horse has no share ownership recorded and we want to add an owner to the horse we would type the owner name in the Owner Name box at the top of the screen, enter a purchase date and percentage share (eg 100%) and click the “Add” button.

It is a good idea to indicate whether owners are registered for GST or not, as this will affect allocation of horse money and prize money. The lower section of the screen displays horse ownership information retrieved from Racing Information Services Australia. You may use this as an additional guide where horse ownership is uncertain. You will need to be a subscriber to racing data for this information to import and display in Ardex.

Tip: Horse Ownership shares in Ardex should always total 100% - not more or less at least from the date of horse arrival on your property. If horse ownership shares do not add up to 100% Ardex will not be able to invoice owners for horse related charges, and will generate error messages at month end, and every time you open the horse information window. Horse transactions can still be recorded for invoicing at a later date, when ownership information is complete.

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