You may from time to time be required to invoice select clients prior to the regular billing cycle. This is achieved with the usual Group Add process, excluding all but the customer/s you wish to invoice.

Note: You will need to make a note to SKIP these clients/horses during the usual Month End billing process.

  • Click Finance – Group Add

  • Add the Services and/or codes required

  • Check From: has Last Bill (date will be quoted) selected

  • To: Final day of the current month

  • Click Preview to display all services due for Month to Date

  • Click the Skip column header to indicate a skip for ALL horses

  • Find the name of the horse you intend to partial-bill

  • Remove the tick on the far-right column adjacent the intended horse/transactions

  • Click Generate Transactions

  • A process window will open. Close this when prompted

We have created invoices for the selected horses and owners (Month to date). Now review and send the advice;

  • Click Main

  • Click People & Firms

  • Search for the owner who will receive the invoice

  • Double-click the name to open their profile

  • Click Reports on the left

  • Select Statement Preview

  • Set the cut-off date to the final date of the month. This ensures you capture the dates you intend to invoice

  • Click View

  • Click OK if you you receive a message stating " You need to create ....."

A multi-page report will be displayed, which includes any Tax Invoices you generated, as well as a statement of the account which quotes an Opening and Closing balance.

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