If you select a current share owner you may notice buttons become available on the right to Sell Share, Remove Share, or Edit Share. The Remove Share and Edit Share functions are normally used where there are errors in the share ownership record in Ardex which need to be corrected.

Remove Share will remove the owner from the horse record. You would normally only choose this option if you had assigned the wrong owner to the horse in error. If horse ownership shares previously added up to 100%, this will no longer be the case after you remove an owner and you will need to enter a new owner to the horse to return to a 100% share allocation.

Edit Share will allow you to edit share owner information such as purchase date and percentage share held. This function is only available on shares where no owner invoices have been generated yet. Again you would normally use this function if share owner information had been entered incorrectly, and changing either purchase date or share percentage may cause total share ownership to be less or more than 100% for a certain date range, an error which will need to be corrected for invoicing purposes.

Tip: Removing and editing horse ownership information to correct historic errors in share allocation will not affect invoices and owner statements already issued. If you enter an owner to a horse in error, and the owner is invoiced and charged for horse services, then going back and correcting the horse ownership information will have no affect on invoices and statements already issued to the owner in error.

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