Procedures in Ardex include horse movements, breeding related processes, vaccination, drenching, veterinary, farrier work and more.

These services have costs attached, which may be charged either a daily rate of flat-fee.

In order to produce reliable owner statements, Ardex Premier relies on a number of processes including;

  • Bank Deposits

  • Horse Procedures

  • Recording of transactions such as Agistment

  • Ownership changes and adjustments

  • Credits

  • Prize money

  • Horse Sales proceeds

Failure to record procedures occurring in and around your business will result in not being able to invoice your customers, and therefore you will not be able to recover the funds you are due.

By not entering procedures prior to running Month End, you are at risk of under-charging your clients for services you have performed, which will ultimately will affect your cash flow.

For more information on the Month End process, consult the Ardex User Guide Month End Statements Guide.

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