Use these settings to change the way accounts appear in lists, across all areas of Ardex. For example, when you select an Expense account from a list of accounts when entering a supplier purchase, how should that list of accounts be presented?

Show the account numbers with (or without) the division
Most databases don’t have divisions implemented, so the best option is ‘without the division’ (so account numbers are shorter). Divisions allow for extra levels of detail in finical reports, and are normally only used by large businesses, for financial reporting analysis.

Display the Account Name
You will almost always want this ticked, unless you have memorised every account number in your system.

Display the Abbreviated Account Name
Most clients don’t set an abbreviated account name against each account (not required) so this can be unticked.

Sort the list by:
Normally you will sort accounts by account name. Some users may prefer to sort by account number, so income accounts, expense accounts, etc. are grouped together for selection.

Here accounts are sorted by account name, division not shown, abbreviated names not displayed.

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