The Month End process in Ardex Premier creates invoices and owner statements by combining all transactions, prize money and adjustments entered against clients and horses for the month.

In Ardex, a Supplier (or Trade Creditor) is a company or individual who provides goods or services to your business, with associated costs. Keeping your supplier expenses up to date ensures they can be distributed among your clients during the Month End billing cycle.

In order to produce reliable owner statements, Ardex Premier relies on a number of processes including;

  • Bank Deposits

  • Horse Procedures

  • Recording of transactions such as Agistment

  • Ownership changes and adjustments

  • Credits

  • Prize money

  • Horse Sales proceeds

Ardex makes the process of forwarding Supplier costs onto Horse Owners for payment simple and efficient.

It is therefore important to ensure Horse Ownership is up to date in Ardex, which will determine the breakdown of costs for owners.

Keeping up to date financial records will in turn give you a more accurate financial position of your business.

For more information on the Month End process, consult the Ardex User Guide Month End Statements Guide.

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