**we recommend this procedure only be used as a last resort**

In some special cases horse ownership records may become so confused, and contain so many date errors and ownership share percentage errors that a user may wish that he or she could just go back in time and start all over. The good news is, it is possible to do so, but we recommend this procedure only be used as a last resort after all efforts to fix horse ownership using the tools described above have been exhausted.

If you select an owner in the owners tab of a horse and click the sell share button, then choose the option “Sell this share, but I don’t have another owner to assign it to yet” and set the sale date to be the same as the bought date, this will effectively remove the owner from the horse record. You may repeat this process for all current and historic (old) owners of the horse until all owner records are cleared and the horse has no share ownership listed.

You may then begin again, recording horse ownership share information from the date the horse arrived on your property onwards. Start with the oldest share owners then record share sale dates and new owner details in chronological order right through to today. Be sure that horse ownership stays at 100% at all times and no gaps in horse ownership are allowed to develop as you update share ownership details.

Once again, it must be noted that re-writing the share ownership history of a horse in this way will have no effect on invoices and owner statements already created in Ardex, and therefore some horse transactions and owner balances may need to be re-allocated to compensate for horse ownership record errors. Keeping horse ownership information accurate and up to date from arrival to departure is always the best practice.

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