The Month End process in Ardex Premier creates invoices and owner statements by combining all transactions (income and expenses), prize money and adjustments entered against clients and horses for the month.

Adjustments in Ardex relates to the re-allocation of credits or expenses between entities.

  • Bank Deposits

  • Horse Procedures

  • Recording of transactions such as Agistment

  • Ownership changes and adjustments

  • Credits

  • Prize money

  • Horse Sales proceeds

This is important such as when Horse Ownership is transferred between owners and payments need to be (re)attributed to the new owner, or when a client balance requires an adjustment due to refunds or other credits.

Owner statements are financial documents which will be reviewed and relied on by clients, so it is important to ensure all appropriate checks have been carried out prior to finalising your Month End statements.

For more information on the Month End process, consult the Ardex User Guide Month End Statements Guide.

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