It is important to record an accurate Purchase Date for horse ownership and transactions, as this will affect billing for your clients.

As a horse incurs costs, the Bought date will determine who will be invoiced.

For example, invoicing a horse with ownership changes mid-month will instruct Ardex Premier to invoice one owner up to (and including) the Sold date, and the new owner from the Bought date (and beyond).

In the example above, Talia Klesser sold 5% of her initial stake (10%) on December 20th, meaning from that date her costs for this horse are reduced, and John P Thompson's invoicing will include costs incurred on and after 21st December.

Inaccurate Purchase Dates will result in clients being incorrectly billed, which will in turn result in having to provide credits and/or refunds to clients.

For more information refer to the Ardex Premier User Guide - Horse Ownership In Ardex.

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