This validation error will occur during the Month End process if you have Agistment charges against a horse that is not marked as Current in your system.

A Non Current Horse in Ardex is a record that you have flagged in your system as a horse that you are not likely to be interacting with currently, nor in the immediate future.

A horse may be marked as Non Current for a number of reasons, including horses that are no longer on your property, is deceased, or more.

To check the status of a horse;

  • Click Main

  • Click Horses

  • Search for the horse

  • Double-click the name

To resolve the validation error, either make the horse current (by ticking the box in the horse profile as shown above), or acknowledge the validation error and progressing without change (note: the latter action is only relevant in certain circumstances only).

Ardex recommends marking a horse as non-current rather than deleting it from your records. Deleting a horse from Ardex can be detrimental to record keeping in the long-term.

For more information on the Month End process, consult the Ardex User Guide Month End Statements Guide - Validation Checks (pg 5).

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