During the Month End wizard you may encounter the validation alert Horse Departed but Transaction Entered.

This occurs when transactions have been entered against a horse that is not flagged as a Current Horse in Ardex.

It is important to address this validation error, which might have been raised because of a data entry error (selecting the wrong horse during a Group Add or similar), or because the horse in question is not marked as current.

To check whether a horse is current;

  • Click Main

  • Click Horses

  • Search for the horse

  • Double-click the name

Once you believe validation errors have been addressed, re-run the validation checks to see if Ardex picks up any other exceptions.

It is important to investigate and resolve validation errors during Month End to ensure accuracy in your accounts.

For more information on the Month End process, consult the Ardex User Guide Month End Statements Guide - Validation Checks (pg 5).

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