It is not uncommon to record ownership changes in Ardex after the ownership transfer has been settled. This can result in fees being incorrectly invoiced to a previous owner.

To correct this, use the Reallocate Trans. button in the Owners screen.

Use the Reallocate Trans. button to quickly;

  1. Allocate invoices to the correct (current) owner

  2. Provide the credit/s to the previous owner

Note: Charges against horses require that ownership in the horse validates to 100%


A horse above incurred two invoices in November 2018 - Agistment and a farrier visit. The following has also occurred;

  • November Statements have been issued to customers (note: removing and re-issuing statements is not an option)

  • The horse was part-sold (30%) to a new owner on the 11/11/2018

  • The new owner was not invoiced for these November activities

  • The incumbent owner will not pay the full amount due

The above scenario will result in a Reallocation, which will provide a credit Anthony Advark's current statement, and issue costs for the owner introduced during November.

The most common use of the Reallocation function is immediately after changing ownership of a horse, as it will redistribute historical invoices incurred.

For more information, consult the Ardex Premier User Guide - Reallocating Transactions in Ardex.

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