Colour preferences for client categories

In Ardex you can rank Owners (and Suppliers) via people and firms if you wish. The idea is to highlight people you intend to treat as VIP clients so they can receive special treatment, or highlight anyone with a history of late payment (or non-payment) of accounts, as a warning for future dealings.

To use this feature, simply double-click any person and enter a number (1-5) in the Client Ranking box (bottom right) to give them a rank. Then in preferences assign a colour to each rank, and clients with that rank will highlight accordingly.

Expenses preference

You can also set the default view for the Expenses screen (almost always choose ‘On-charge’, unless you are a Vet and frequently purchase expensive vet supplies which you track in inventory).

Printing Preferences

You can set a default printer for printing lists if you wish. Ardex will normally print automatically to the printer set as default in your Windows operating system (via Devices and Printers control panel).

Enquiry Preferences

Finally you can set preferences for the Enquiry screen (accessed via the enquiry button at the right in People and Firms). It is normally beneficial to ‘Show All Activity’ (alternative is current month only).

Tip: If you are not sure what will happen if you switch some preferences in Options and Settings (not sure if it will benefit you or not) it’s probably best to make no change. Any changes you do make may affect all Ardex users in your business, and possibly inconvenience them.

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