Go to Settings > Options > Procedures to modify or add new procedures to your Ardex database.

Procedures are recorded to horses to indicate that an event has occurred (e.g. Arrival, Farrier Service, Mare Served etc). Procedures can have a worksheet message, standard charge and invoice message set.

Procedures on your procedures list can be recorded to horses (or clients) via the Procedures screen in Ardex Premier, or via the Ardex Mobile app. Changes you make to Procedures in Options and Settings will affect all Ardex users in your business.

The topic of adding and modifying procedures, setting standard charges, worksheet messages, invoice messages etc. is covered in detail in the procedures section of the
help centre

Recording Procedures

Tip: If a procedure is ticked as a ‘System Procedure’ then don’t rename it or make any significant changes, the system relies on this procedure to perform some special function. For example, the ‘Arrival’ procedure records that a horse has arrived at your property, produces an Arrival Advice and allows you to set a property and location status against the horse.

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