Sending a Mail Merge from the Ardex Remote server involves extra steps, including creating the merge template and transferring it to the Ardex server.

  • Open MS Word on your computer

  • Create the Mail Merge message, including all text and images

  • Save the file as a Word document (.docx) on your computer

We will need to locate this file later in this process, make sure to save it to a location you can remember (such as the Desktop).

The next section is to configure the Ardex Remote app. This is a once-off process;

  • Open the Remote client and click Show Options

  • Click the Local Resources tab

  • Click More ... at the bottom

  • Ensure Local Disk (C:) is ticked

  • Click OK to close

  • Connect to Ardex Remote

  • Open Thunderbird (e-mail app). Note that Thunderbird is not your work/personal e-mail system

  • Click Write and compose a short email - address it to your own e-mail address

  • Click Attach

At this point we will attach the document from your computer to this e-mail;

  • Click on Network, then open TS Client C << this is your computer

  • Navigate to the folder where you saved the Word document. For example, to locate the file on the Desktop, click;

  • Network - tsclient - \\tsclient\c - Users - [yourusername] - Desktop

  • Click Send

  • Click Sent and locate the message you just e-mailed to yourself

  • Double click the attachment (at the bottom of the message) to open it in MS Word

  • Click the Office button - Save As

  • Name the file

  • Save as Type: Web Page, Filtered

  • Save to a location such as the Desktop

You have now created the Mail Merge template file, easy to access on the Ardex Remote Server

  • Open Ardex and commence the Mail Merge process

  • Import this file into your Mail Merge as the template

Your message is now ready to send. You can preview how the message will look by double-clicking a recipient which will show a preview of the message to send.

Tip: We recommend adding yourself as a recipient, or temporarily changing the e-mail address of a customer so you can preview the delivered message.

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